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Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is not easy, but it is possible. Hope is on the horizon with vaccines, but we must remember that our everyday choices matter and make a big difference in how quickly we can help #StopTheSpread.
Your choices Matter.
Now More Than ever.
Help #stopthespread.
Let's make this wave The last wave.
This wave is different. More contagious and deadly COVID-19 variants mean the pandemic is accelerating at a dangerous rate. We’re seeing record-breaking case numbers and hospitalizations, even among younger people. We need your help to protect our hospitals so they can continue to care for you.

We must adhere to strict public health measures to curb the impact of this third wave. We are asking every Ontarian to stay home as much as possible and wear a mask and keep your distance, whether you are indoors or outdoors. The situation has never been more serious, and only with the right action and diligence can we #StopTheSpread.

As more Ontarians receive their vaccines, we will gain protection from COVID-19. But until then, we must come together as a province once more, to make the third wave the FINAL wave.
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Remember – your choices matter and the more you know, the better choices you can make.
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Share what you've learned with others and help #StopTheSpread! 
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Take the Pledge to #StopTheSpread. Commit to stepping up your efforts and challenge others to do the same! Together, we can #StopTheSpread by making better choices:
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