#Take The Pledge to
Stop The Spread.
Ontario’s COVID-19 cases are rising again. This October, let’s commit to protecting our loved ones and our community by taking the pledge to #flattenthecurve and ask others to do the same.
Your choices Matter.
Help #stopthespread.
Why should I pledge?
It hasn’t been easy. But we made it this far because we always find the strength to do the RIGHT THING.
Earlier this year, our sacrifices helped to #flattenthecurve. Now’s the time for Ontarians of every age to come together to #StopTheSpread again.
Take the Pledge
What Ontarians are Doing to Stop The Spread
To #StopTheSpread, I wear a mask and physically distance with others outside my household.
To keep my kids safe and help #StopTheSpread, I always ask myself if where I am going is essential or if I have a safer option.
I make sure I have a mask with me at all times, in case I can’t physically distance. And I think twice about the choices I make. #StopTheSpread
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We are pledging to keep the people we love safe
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For Our
Grandparents & The Elderly
Our Kids
For Our
Friends & Neighbours
Our Partners
Frontline Workers
How Can You Help?
This October, take a pledge to #StopTheSpread and encourage others by telling them how you’re doing your part:
1. Take the pledge and commit to doing your part to keep everyone safe.
2. SHARE! Tell others how or why you’re stopping the spread of COVID-19, and who you’re doing it for. It’s the small, practical, everyday choices we make that matter.
Pledge & Share
Take the Pledge
to #StopTheSpread Today!
This October, take the pledge and commit to taking action to #StopTheSpread and encourage others to do the same. SHARE how you’re doing your part and who you’re doing it for.
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